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Red House Farm


Nestled in the beautifully picturesque heart of Derbyshire farming land, sits Red House Farm.


The farm occupies a small holding, of which our family just took over in September 2020. We rear several different chicken breeds and, soon (spring 2021) will raise Haucaya (way-KI-ya) alpacas.  Also, coming this spring, we look forward to starting a two-hive apiary, based at the far north-east perimeter of our property.  Much of the land surrounding the hives will be re-wilded, along with a few other patches of unused earth dotted around the property.  Small crops of wild flower and newly planted trees, we feel, can only enhance the already breathtaking views surrounding the farm.


We look after our land and animals in as natural, safe and caring way as possible.  We watch the land evolve around us, encouraging garden-variety birds, birds-of-prey, and our nocturnal visitors to enjoy this glorious nook of The Peak District with us.


Why not you too?  Try our chickens’ eggs and honey (coming soon) while you’re here.  Please ring: 07814456519

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